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Residential Passenger Elevater


Code : CL 003

Personnel Lift

The residential elevator is often permitted to be of lower cost and complexity than full commercial elevators. They may have unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings, such as designed wooden shaft-access doors rather than the typical metal sliding doors of commercial elevators. Construction may be less robust than in commercial designs with shorter maintenance periods, but safety systems such as locks on shaft access doors, fall arrestors, and emergency talk must still be present in the event of malfunction. Home lift or residential elevator is the elevator which is meant to serve only a private family.

Residential Passenger Elevator With Machine Room

In with machine room elevators all the counterparts are installed and adjusted in conventional way. In roped elevators, the car is raised and lowered by steel ropes rather than pushed from below. The ropes are attached to the elevator car, and looped around a sheave to counter weight . A sheave is just a pulley with grooves around the circumference. The sheave grips th¬e hoist ropes, so when you rotate the sheave, the ropes move too. The sheave is connected to an electric motor . When the motor turns one way, the sheave raises the elevator; when the motor turns the other way, the sheave lowers the elevator. In with machine room applications electric machine and the main control panel are fixed in a machine room which is constructed on the top of the elevator shaft.


  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Slightly of lower cost as compare to machine room less applications.
  • Easy to handle in case of emergency.

Residential Passenger Elevator Without Machine Room

In without machine room elevator application all the parts are fixed and adjusted in elevator shaft inside. Thus save construction area and properly utilize the elevator shaft and space. Traditionally machine-room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that often allow a significant reduction in the size of the electric motors used with traction equipment. These newly designed permanent magnet motors (PMM) allow the manufacturers to locate the machines in the hoist-way overhead, thus eliminating the need for a machine room over the hoist-way. This design has been utilized all over the world for at least 15 years and is becoming the standard product for low to low-midrise buildings.
In the past few years the elevator manufacturers have overcome the obstacles to acceptance of the MRL product. Many elevator manufacturers are now making their versions of the MRL, and the product offering has been expanded to various another type of machine room less applications. These days with the help of technical diversification geared machines are also used rather than gearless machines only.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Creates more usable space
  • Use less energy (70-80% less than hydraulic elevators)
  • Uses no oil
  • Slightly lower cost than other Hydraulic elevators.
  • It can operate at faster speeds than hydraulic elevators.